Big Happy Life

Get your energy back, feel like your old self , enjoy life.

Live the life you tell your kids is possible!

Does this sound like you?

• You love your kids but feel overwhelmed by the demands of life as a mum.

• You feel tired all the time.

• Little things that didn't used to bother you now really irritate you.

• You have unexplained mood swings.

• It's hard to get motivated and sometimes you just go through the motions

• The critical voice in your head is meaner than ever

• People think you're ok but you don't feel ok.

• Words like 'anxiety' and 'depression' feature more than they used to.

What if things could be different?

How would it feel to have your energy back and feel relaxed and in control again?

What if you woke up feeling great and were unphased by life's little irritations? What if you had practical tools to put you in the driver's seat with your thoughts, emotions and moods?

What would it be like to let go of some of the stress that's been weighing you down?

So many of us carry stress we don't even know we're carrying. Becoming aware of it and learning easy ways to release it can give you your freedom back and make life feel so much easier.

What if, when your kids pushed your buttons, you were unflappable?

Nobody pushes our buttons more than our kids. It's like they know and want to test our limits - and then go beyond them. How would it feel to just smile inwardly and handle it without fuss?

If all of this resonated, and you can't work out why you feel more stressed now than when you were working 100 hours a week and building your career, you're not alone.

So often, we're told that's just motherhood, but motherhood in your forties brings a layer of complexity as hormonal changes take effect and change how you feel.

Even though we have more life experience and we've done many of the things we set out to do, parenting at this stage of life requires new knowledge and skills if we're to look after ourselves well enough to be the mothers we imagined we'd be. We want to be patient, loving and always there for our kids, and feeling exhausted, low or anxious gets in the way.

But even though our hormones are changing, we can reclaim our power to manage difficult emotions and stressful situations in healthy ways. We can boost our energy and feel better than we did in our twenties, making everything feel easier!

Which is why I’m delighted to introduce:

Mood Mastery for Mums over 40!

The course that, in just 60 minutes, gives you information even your doctor probably won't about what's happening in your body and why you feel the way you do. You'll learn how to tame your stress, enhance your energy, and stop being thrown around by your moods without a clue why you feel the way you do.

From now on, YOU'LL be in the drivers seat.

You'll be able to make better choices about what's going to make you feel good and bring more vitality.

And I promise I'm not just going to tell you to meditate!

So if you're ready to dive into some great, research-backed information and come out with a toolkit and a plan, this course is for you.

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy/join:


Short, yet jam-packed Videos

The course consists of a series of 5 lessons, each containing one or more videos, ranging from 5 to 25 minutes. The videos build your knowledge with no fluff, and no eye-rolling sales-pitchy nonsense. Every video has the same goal: to answer your questions about why you're feeling the way you're feeling, and what to do about it.

Value $150


Worksheets and Trackers

As you put your learning into practice, it's helpful to be able to track your progress so you can figure out what's working and what's not working for you. This course contains worksheets to help you complete practical exercises, along with trackers to monitor your progress.

Value $10


15-min Coaching or Q&A Call

When learning a complex subject, it's likely you'll have at least one question. It's also common for people to want personalised support after learning something new. These calls offer you the option to have both! The call is included in the course price and bookable online via your course portal.

Value $50


Ongoing Q&A

This is a complex topic and it's my goal to help you gather all the information you need so you're able to navigate motherhood in your forties feeling your absolute best. Once you've completed the course, you can submit questions via email and I'll respond directly to your email. If I need to do some research, I'll do it and get back to you.

Value $250


Resource List

Training courses are great for providing knowledge but that's only half of the equation. To help you get the most from the course, I've included a resource list where I've curated some of my favourite books, YouTube videos, social media accounts and podcasts to help you expand your knowledge.

Value $35


Free e-book

One of the biggest challenges I experience in my personal development journey is that new knowledge isn't always enough to create new habits.

If that's the same for you, I've got you.

When you register for the course, I'll also send you a copy of my e-book, "How to change any behaviour and achieve any goal"

Value $20

A total value $515!

Enrol now for just $40

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— Quote Source

“In eget ligula sed nunc imperdiet hendrerit eget id lacus. Mauris ut arcu consequat, pellentesque diam non, rhoncus ligula. Nulla ac ullamcorper nibh.”

— Quote Source

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you enroll and you’re not satisfied here is what I’ll offer you...

60-minute One-to-one coaching session . If you feel this course didn't deliver on the promises made here, and you're willing to provide honest feedback about where you feel the content fell short, I will offer you a 60-minute private coaching session during which we'll work specifically to fill in the gaps get you on the road to feeling your best.

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